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Massive Anime Fan Experience Includes THE GUNDAM BASE LOS ANGELES POP-UP, Franchise Showcases, Product Premieres, Exclusive Collectibles, Photo Ops, and Giveaways Plus Team Kamen Rider Showcase with Meet-Up, Guest Panel & Special Screening

ANAHEIM, Calif., June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America ("BNTCA") is set to make U.S. anime industry history this July when it presents the largest-ever location-based entertainment experience at Anime Expo 2022. At this year's convention, BNTCA will offer a massive, immersive experience that not only cuts across the company's product portfolio but also features a collection of its top licensed properties. Fans can look forward to an array of experiences from BNTCA that ranges from special exhibits, displays, statues and life-sized photo ops to dioramas, souvenirs and event exclusives and more. In total BNTCA's location-based entertainment experience at Anime Expo 2022 spans over 10,000 square feet of exhibit space and encompasses five different booths (2602, 2406, 2606, 2211 and E6). BNTCA's showcase will include popular product brands such as Tamashii Nations, MegaHouse, Shokugan and fan-favorite franchises like One Piece, Gundam, Dragon Ball and Digimon. In addition, BNTCA will host a Team Kamen Rider showcase that includes a meet-up and guest panel as well as special screening of the new TV series "Fuuto PI." Attendees are invited to visit any and all of BNTCA's booths daily during regular show hours throughout Anime Expo 2022.

Bandai Namco Toys & Collectibles America will make history with largest-ever location-based entertainment experience.

Details of BNTCA's Anime Expo 2022 line-up including promotional offers are as follow:

One Piece U.S.A. Tour | Booth 2602 – Exhibit Hall

  • Launch Premiere of One Piece U.S.A. Tour, a multi-city tour celebrating the world of One Piece includes interactive experiences, displays and exhibits including over 60 products from Tamashii Nations, Bandai Hobby, MegaHouse and Banpresto.
  • Event Exclusives. Select from this collection of event exclusives available for purchase:
    • Portrait Of Pirates: Tony Tony Chopper Ver. POP! (Limited Edition).
    • Uraturia Pirate Ship Collection: Thousand Sunny (Metallic Ver.).
    • Yurayura Pirate Ship Collection: Going Merry (Metallic Ver.)
    • Lookup: Luffy & Zoro Set (with Gift)
    • Grandista: The Grandline Men- Roronoa Zoro (Metallic Ver.)
    • Maximatic: The Monkey.D.LuffyⅡ(Metallic Ver.)
  • Online Exclusives. A collection of One Piece exclusives available on the Tamashii Web Shop:
    • Figuarts ZERO [EXTRA BATTLE] Monkey.D.Luffy - Gear4 Leo Bazooka - Special Color Ed.
    • Figuarts ZERO [EXTRA BATTLE] Charlotte Katakuri – Mochitsuki - Special Color Ed.
  • Products Available. Other products available for purchase include:
    • Mega Cat Project: NyanPieceNyan! I'm gonna be king of the paw-rates!! (Vol 1.) (Box/8)
  • Free Souvenirs. A variety of souvenirs will be offered including fan, badge ribbon, bandana, paper straw hat, Portrait of a Pirate MegaHouse booklet and "One Piece Film Red" bag while supplies last

THE GUNDAM BASE LOS ANGELES POP-UP | Booth 2406 – Exhibit Hall

  • Special edition of THE GUNDAM BASE POP-UP Experience that brings THE GUNDAM BASE concept direct to fans and recreates elements from THE GUNDAM BASE Japan or in Japan.
  • Event Exclusives. Select from over 100 model kits, including both event exclusives and THE GUNDAM BASE exclusives, available for purchase.
  • Promotional Offer. Receive one of three different gifts with purchase while supplies last:
    • Every purchase of $50 receives a free Bandai Hobby lanyard.
    • Every purchase of $80 receives an L.A. exclusive THE GUNDAM BASE bag,
    • Every purchase of $100 receives an exclusive large THE GUNDAM BASE bag.
  • Free Souvenir. Receive a limited edition THE GUNDAM BASE LOS ANGELES POP-UP sticker for completing a survey while supplies last.
  • Ultimate Gundam Giveaway. Multiple winners will receive amazing Gundam prizes from Bandai Hobby, Tamashii Nations, MegaHouse and more! Visit the Contest Page for details.

Digimon & Kamen Rider Booth | Booth 2211 – Exhibit Hall

  • From Digimon
    • U.S. Premiere Display of Vital Hero, the first interactive gamified wearable band. (
    • U.S. Premiere Display of Digimon Anime Heroes 1st wave action figure series including WarGreymon, Omegamon and Beelzemon.
    • Prototype Display of Dynaction Digimon action figure series.
    • Products Available. Choose from this selection Digimon products available for purchase:
      • Digimon Devices (Digimon and X)
      • Digimon NXEDGE Style
      • Digimon Adventure Digicolle Mix
  • From Kamen Rider
    • Prototype Display of Black Sun CSM Belt.
    • Products Available. Choose from over 30 Kamen Rider collectibles available for purchase including CSM and DX belts and both Lockseed and Key sets as well as assorted model kits, Tamagotchi, display stands and more.
    • Free Souvenirs. Receive a Kamen Rider booklet and Fuuto PI poster while supplies last.
    • Promotional Offer. Receive a free belt extender with the purchase of any Kamen Rider belt while supplies last.

Tamashii Nations / MegaHouse / Shokugan Booth

  • Curated Product Showcase from BNTCA brands Tamashii Nations, MegaHouse and Shokugan featuring such fan-favorite franchises as Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, Evangelion, Animal Crossing, Macross, Ultraman and more.
  • From Tamashii Nations
    • Products Available. Choose from a wide selection of collectibles available for purchase including BNTCA's S.H.Figuarts, Figuarts ZERO, Figuarts mini, Imagination Works and PROPLICA product lines.
    • Special Photo Ops. Take a photo with life-sized statues of Ultraman and Naruto Uzumaki
    • Free Souvenir. Receive a Macross lanyard for completing a survey while supplies last.
  • From MegaHouse and Shokugan
    • Promotional Offer. Take advantage of a Trading Figure Special Deal. Purchase more figures to get a bigger discount.
      • Buy 2 trading figures and get 10% off
      • Buy 4 trading figures and get 15% off
      • Buy 6 trading figures and get 20% off
      • Buy 10 trading figures and get 30% off

Team Kamen Rider Showcase 

  • Team Kamen Rider Meet-Up. Connect with team members before the panel.
    Booth 2211 | Saturday, July 2 at 2:00pm
  • Panel: Kamen Rider – What's Next in the U.S. Hear about what's happening next with the Kamen Rider franchise in the U.S. with hosts Team Kamen Rider and BNTC and guest panelists: Director Yousuke Kabashima ("Fuuto PI"), Writer Brandon Easton ("Transformers: War for Cybertron"), plus Crunchyroll and Shout! Factory.
    Room 403AB | Saturday, July 2 at 7:30pm
  • Special Screening of "Fuuto PI." Watch a special screening of the new anime series "Fuuto PI." Room 403AB | Saturday, July 2 immediately after the panel.

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